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Now they are talking!
  Whaw, being off line most of last weeks I have missed the possibly longest and to me, certainly the most important debate ever since ending up here! Even interrupted it halfway without having read all previous posts.

Yes, I do recall that book "Evidence that demands a verdict", I read it while in high school and even remember the writer's name, Josh McDowell. He set out to disprove the belief in the bible of a christian friend of his - and ended up losing his own atheist - um, atheist faith or how to call that. Steve, what can I say, if you are really after the truth, why don't you start a similar journey? In fact, note to self, NY's resolution: I'm gonna study again myself - I have become far too easygoing about reading the Bible . There, I said it!

Now to the world's "hot potatoe" Gaza - here's a site that opens with a good video for starters (who are on MSM junk diet only), admitted, it's not short, so some people might quit watching, but it has good data and the disturbing pictures we hardly see.

And here's one of the many blogs of Israeli people with close connections to the current war:
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 10.01.2009
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