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Don't you get it?
  Canarsie: youre amazed that we didnt grow?
we were killed by nazis spanish catholic etc so we couldnt grow. thats not amazing thats crap..

Don't you get it? That's the whole point! In order for the Jews to remain small there had to be enemies who would keep killing the Jews! God says in the Torah that during the exile the Jews would be constantly under attack and suffer, but He says that He will never let them suffer so much that they will disappear. He gurantees them that they will live thorugh all time periods and will live to see the coming of the messiah!

This is totally amazing. How could the author of the Torah know that the Jews would not only be under constant attack, but that would survive! If the attacks stopped the Torah would have been wrong. But they never did, and they still go on! Also if the attacks worked and the Jews were killed off the Torah would have also been wrong. But the Jews survived the Inquisition and the Holocaust!

Don't you think Hitler thought he would win? He had all that might and power. But his enemy was the Lord of the Universe, according to the Torah, and "Many designs are in the heart of man, but the word of the Lord will stand forever!"

So far the track record is astonishing. Hitler is gone, but the word of the Lord is still here, and the Jews are still here.

many many breleve jeses to be the fullfillment of that book,, those who dont think he didnt meet the requirements of the book..
but maybe he did and jews are disbelievers....

Stop saying "maybe" this and "maybe" that. Read the Jewish Bible and read the Christian Bible. Study with people who really know about these things, and then come to your own conclusion. There are no "maybe's", it is clear as a bell if you spend the time to really look into it.

And again, if many people believe differently than the Jews, this only proves yet again that the Torah was correct when it said only a small remnant would remain! If the whole world started to believe in the Torah, then the Torah would be wrong!

It's so amazing!!!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 09.01.2009
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