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The Small Remnant
  Actually the Bible talks many times about how a small remnant will remain at the end of time of true beievers. Some Christians make the claim that their group is the small remnant. The Jehovah's Witnesses also make this claim. But they have no proof that God changed His mind and broke His covenant with the Jews. To believe these relgions you have to believe that God lied to the Jews. And then what kind of God would He be? So the Jews still say that they are the small remnant. But the Jews believe that heaven is open to all people, not just the Jews. Yet these other groups say only they will get into heaven.

This is another amazing prophecy. The Jews are about as old as the Indians and the Chinese. There are around a billion people of those groups! Yet there are still only about 14 million Jews! Isn't that amazing? How could a people survive for thousands of years and not grow? This has not happened to any other nation. Yet, here again, the Torah makes a prophecy that had a 0% chance of coming true. It did not come true with the Indians or the Chinese. It did not come true with ANY other group. The ONLY group it came true for were the Jews and that is the ONLY group about which the Torah predicted it would come true!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 09.01.2009
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