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Job Interview
  Canarsie: you say jesus did not fill the bibles requirements yet he got the job..

No, he was not hired by the Jewish people. He actually got hired by a few renegade Jews and the Romans. So, he got "a" job, but he didn't get the job he really wanted. But then, again, who knows who he really was or what he really did, or even if he really existed. There is no proof of any of it.

Canarsie: but i think this book doesnt fill the requirements that most today people have set..what are theses requirements that most people have today for this book to be accepted?
maybe this book and jesus suufer the same thing.unbelievability by most not all people..this term requirement is at the center.. we each have an inate setup of requirements..

The Bible says that the Jews would remain a small people. It says that most of the world will not accept the message until the end of time when the messiah will come. The Christians tried to short circuit this by saying that the messiah did come, and then they tried to prove it by forcing their message on to people around the world. The Muslims are trying to do the same. But the Jews wait patiently because they still have faith in the message of the Torah. They never bought into the short circuit "new and improved" messages because there is absolutely no proof that they are true. They do not have prophecies of exiles and returns. They provide no proof and say, "You gotta believe!" But the Jews see those as attemtps to mislead people from the truth. The truth never changed.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 09.01.2009
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