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Honesty, it's such a lonely word...
  Canarsie: maybe like me its unimaginable for a book to predict the future,, even if we see it we dont believe it..

That is an honest statement! Even though you see the prophecies you still can't believe your own eyes. It is just "unimaginable" to you that a book could predict the future.

But I don't see why this is so hard to understand. Did you ever hear of ESP? Extra Sensory Perception is a branch of science that postulates that there may be things that can be sensed beyond what is "normal".

Science is also looking into the very real possibility that there are alternate universes and possibly ways to get from one to another. They are considering that the past and the future may all exist simultaneously, and time travel may actually be possible. So, even without believing God wrote the Torah, you should still allow yourself to believe what you are seeing. Maybe a time traveller wrote the predictions? Maybe an advanced being from another universe wrote it? If you have checked out string theory and M theory and Quantum mechanics, you will know about these things.

A lot of people think the Jews in the time of Jesus were these evil, close minded people who refused to see the truth that God Himself was standing there before them. But the Jews of that time were the same as the Jews of today. They studied the Torah and knew the requirements for messiah-ship. Jesus simply didn't meet them. There were other "false messiahs". Look up Sabbatai Tzvi. A lot of Jews thought he was the messiah. The only difference was that when he also didn't meet the requirements, those Jews abandoned him. But the Jews who followed Christ stayed followers and left the Jewish faith.

The Jews have been consistent for millennia. The prophecies are there for all to see. It is very easy to figure out if they have been fulfilled. For example -

1. Jews will be exiled - yes

2. Jews will be returned - yes

3. Jesus brought peace to the world - nope.

I know Christians do not like this, but this is the reality. Jesus did not fulfill the Bible's requirements, at least according to the way Jews interpreted the Bible. So the Christians came up with totally new interpretations. That is their prerogative, but why would the Jews go along with a group of people who changed the rules?

If your baseball team played another team, and you clearly won the game, but then they decided to change the rules and claim they won, would you go along with them?

And that, my friends, is the crux of the problem.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 08.01.2009
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