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jesus cristmas
  do you ever feel like if you could just get everbodies attention on the planet in every language for 5 minutes you could change the world? its clear oyuve found something you you dont see ewhy the majority doesnt see it too. why they dont take the time to listen learn a lil and see wat you it that they dont believe ,dont care either way, refuse to believe cause it would upset their bank accounts and lives,,why wont they listen?
maybe they are ok happy and if st works dont fix it..maybe like me its unimaginable for a book to predict the future,, even if we see it we dont believe it.. jews saw crist and didnt believe in what most people in those dayd believed in..the AARON of the yr 1 probble would say,,why dont you see that he really is the son of god we have proof real proof..but the jews didnt believe.the us it wasnt proof.
the aaron of then would try again to convince the blind that jesus was real ..
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 08.01.2009
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