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Idiotic Friends
  You know someone is a friend when you call him an idiot and he totally doesn't care!

for every jew who believes there are 20000 idiots like me..we never studied this book but you never studied the koran or other religious books AS MUCH AS THIS BOOK> and by a small chance it happens to be YOUR PEOPLES BOOK..

In all honestly, I resent it when you act as though I am taking my positions becasue the Torah is "my people's book" and other similar comments. You have no proof at all that this is true. So unless you can prove it, don't make the charge. It happens to be completely untrue. If you can show me prophecies in the Koran or New Testament that are in any way close to the ones in the Torah, maybe I'll change my mind. But until then, don't insult my intelligence.

i prefer to question and see if the answer is clear.. i read in a book that predicted long ago a modern occurance and i knoe in my heart its cooincidence or manipulation.. i still think that blacks too have been scattered everywhere on earth. chinese too.

You are a believer in blind faith. As you say, you "know in your heart" that the prophecies are coincidence or manipulation but you are utterly unable to prove your point! That is why I say that often it is the atheist who is more of a believer in faith than the Jew.

And if the blacks are scattered, so what? The prophecies did not address the blacks so you are bringing up a mute point.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 08.01.2009
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