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Who is like unto You?
  Canarsie: all it said has come true? nothing disproven?
you said it made 1000s of predictions many coded and now you say all came true.

Forget the "code". I'm talking about predictiions that are made clearly in the text. From what I have studied, there is not one of them that was disproven. For example:

1. It said the Jews would be exiled from Israel by a neighbor - and that happened with the Babylonians

2. It said they would return in 70 years - and that happened because the Persians took over Babyon and their king let the Jews go back

3. It said there would be another exile from a people from afar - that happened with the Romans

4. It said during that exile the Jews would be scattered around the world - that happened

5. It said during that exile the Jews would suffer anti-Semitism - that happened

6. It said during that exile the Jews would remain a people despite all the problems - that happened

7. It said during that exile the land of Israel would be barren - that happened

8. It said the Jews would return - that happened in 1948

9. It said at that time the desert would bloom - that happened

10. It said at that time the word of the Lord would spread thorughout the world - what do you know? the computer came along at just that time, which led to the internet, which is spreading the word all around the world!

All of these prophecies were extremely unlikely to come true. Yet all of them came true! It says in one of the prayers for the Haftorah, "The Lord is trustworthy. Not one of these will come back unfulfilled."

Whether or not you believe in God, any unbiased observer would have to admit that the track record here is absolutely astonishing. Certainly there is nothing like this anywhere else. And that right there makes it astonishing.

That is why the prayers say, "Who is like unto you Lord?" Who else predicts such unlikely events, states them clearly in a book for all to see, and they all come true?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 07.01.2009
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