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Much Better!
  Okay, now you are finally making some good arguments! But what took you so long? I am much more excited to deal with good points rather than someone just grasping at straws.

Canarsie: if the wall hadnt made it would you not believe in this book?would u say the book is boloney?

YES!!! If the wall hadn't made it that would clearly be evidence that the book is "crap" as you once said. But, I'm telling you, this book is amazing. Almost every prophecy in it has been fulfilled and nothing it said has been disproven!

the wall survived cause it survived and the other 10000predictions never came true ..

Why such a negative attitude! The only ones that haven't come true are the ones about the future that we haven't gotten to yet. For instance, the messiah hasn't come yet. But you are totally wrong to think that most didn't come true. For instance, it said that when the Jews returned to Israel, the desert would bloom. You have been to Israel. You saw how they turned desert into farm land! This did not happen when the Arabs controlled the land. But when the Jews returned to power, yes, the desert bloomed!

Canarsie: jews scattered?
everybodies scattered today.italians greeks polish..not a good prediction.
it didnt happen only to the jews.

Today maybe. But before the Jews returned to Israel how many people were scattered? Today there are airplanes and all kinds of globalization. But the Jews were scattered over a thousand years ago when most other people never travelled more than a few miles from home. Also, no other people had the whole country scattered. Sure there are some Italians here and there, but MOST are in Italy. The Jews had MOST of their people scattered. And the question also arises, how scattered? There are Jews in almost every country in the world. And we are only a few million people! This is a very rare phenomenon, and it was PREDICTED! No other nation has a book about itself that made such a prediction. And no other group was scattered so completely, to so many places, starting so many centuries ago.

It was also predicted that the Jews would have to keep moving from place to place. No other group of people was EXPELLED from so many countries! There were around a hundred of those! Here you can't even site the Italians, Polish, or Greeks!

and how do you know if this wall was rebuilt? maybe 600 yrs ago it was.

You see, now you're thinking. That is a good point. Before accepting this prophecy totally, one should investigate that. But if it was found that it was not rebuilt, would you then concede?

did it predict that jews would return to israel? that never came true cause most live outside .jews never completely left israel never.most jews prefer to live in los angeles brooklyn not israel so theres no truth to a return.

This is another good point. But what if the return is just beginning? Who said it all had to happen within a few years, or even a few decades? This is what I mean when I say some things haven't come true ... yet. Some things appear to be in motion, but it may take the actual appearance of the messiah to convince the hold outs among the Jews to return.

Look, I don't want to live in Israel now. But if the messiah came, and I was convinced that he really was the messiah (more accurately the moshiach), yes, I would return! But obviously we are not at the "end of time" yet. So the story is still playing out. Nevertheless, so much of what the Torah said would happen has come true that to me, it is actually the logical and rational choice to keep in mind that the rest of what it said may also come true.

It's not clear "beyond the shadow of a doubt". That is where free choice comes in. Confronted with the Torah prophecies one can scoff, or become a true believer, or be impressed and wait for more evidence as the plot unfolds. You seem to be in the first camp. I'm in the last.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.01.2009
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