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!without headline!
  if the wall hadnt made it would you not believe in this book?would u say the book is boloney?
the wall survived cause it survived and the other 10000predictions never came true ..if not a wall then a house a tree .jews scattered?
everybodies scattered today.italians greeks polish..not a good prediction.
it didnt happen only to the jews.
and how do you know if this wall was rebuilt? maybe 600 yrs ago it was.

doesnt sound great..

you make it like indiana jones and the book of knowledge..its jus a book with alot alot of predictions big and small.
did it predict that jews would return to israel? that never came true cause most live outside .jews never completely left israel never.most jews prefer to live in los angeles brooklyn not israel so theres no truth to a return. the meaning of the book was jews all would rejoice in a return to their land and live there, not send a check get laid by the wife of a guy doing his military service and go home
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 06.01.2009
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