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Making light of the heavy
  Canarsie wrote: and i do think that the waall wasnt destroyed cause they simply didnt want to destroy it thats has no need for supernatural explanation,

To me, your explanation that "they simply didn't want to destroy it" is insufficient. Why would they not want to destroy it? If you were going to destroy the greatest symbol of your enemy, why would you "not want" to destroy one wall?

But it goes deeper. Do you know that Jerusalem was destroyed at least a dozen times? There were countless wars there even after the Romans first destroyed the Temple, except for the wall that the rabbis predicted would not be destroyed. Did all of those people who destroyed Jerusalem also "simply not want to destroy" that particular wall?

I think you are choosing to make light of something that is truly extraordinary. But here's the clinker: there are hundreds of prophecies like this that are extremely unlikely to come true, yet have!

It was predicted in the Torah that the Jews would be scattered "to the four corners of the earth". How likely was that? Had you made that prediction thousands of years ago about ANY other group of people you would have been proven wrong. The Torah said it would happen ONLY to the Jews and it did indeed happen ONLY to the Jews!

Now, you can say that the Jews scattered themselves on purpose so the prophecy could come true. But that seems highly unlikely. Did you move to Spain to make the Torah prophecy come true? Most of the movements of the Jews happened due to persecution. And by the way, constant persecution during their exile was also predicted!

If you were to read my book, or some other book that deals with this, and really examine the unusually large amount of these prophecies that have been fulfilled, you would see how amazing it is. Yes, you can say one is a coincidence, two are a coincidence, but when you start to find ten, twenty, thirty, a hundred, of these "coincidences" it becomes less and less rational to ascribe these to chance.

Then who is the real believer in blind faith, the Jew or the Atheist.

As for Gaza ... what can I say that hasn't been said somewhere else? I find our debate much more interesting.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.01.2009
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