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  israel enters gaza and here in murcia spain im the man.. as pres of murcias j community of 430members we are on the ball. are you too having to defend israel? i kno in the usa theres alot of antiisral now with obama in and bush out.
the idf has organized a fact forum to help jews everywhere be ready with answers that are sweet short to the point and convincing.try out

no book of predictions on this though.and i do think that the waall wasnt destroyed cause they simply didnt want to destroy it thats has no need for supernatural explanation .if it had been destroyed it would be now nothing but a book predicts many thhings and idf by cjance some come true its no miracle.

anyway lets get into gaza

machmama to aaron "israel started this war by wrongly killing innocent arabs"

aaron to machmama
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 06.01.2009
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