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Big Deal Indeed
  Canarsie: a wall stands against all bombs is godlike.but its not destroyed is no big deal.

If a wall standing against a bomb is much more godlike is it if it stands against the Roman Empire! It is a big deal that this one wall stood. Don't you think if the Romans wanted to destroy the Temple they would have knocked all the walls down? Why leave one? And why leave THAT one? They could have left another one and the prophecy would not have come true.

The thing that is a big deal about this is that it was predicted! How in the world did the rabbis know that only the Western Wall would remain?

Suppose you wanted to make a prediction that the White House will be destroyed but the western wing will survive. Suppose 2,000 years goes by. What chance do you think you would have that your prediction would come true? How about a snowball's chance in hell?

So either the rabbis were very, very, very luckly guessers, or they KNEW the future. Those are the only two options. You can say that is no big deal to you, but it is a big deal to me and to a lot of other people.

At lesat Judaism has these strange prophecies and their fulifillment that provides evidence of something extraordinary. Most other religions have nothing like this. One is expected to believe solely on faith. Judaism is unique in the way it has prophecies with a less than 0% of coming true, yet time and time again, against all odds, they do come true.

At the very least this makes it rational to believe in Judaism, whereas the faith-based relgion require an irrational leap of fatih to be accepted.

Again, this obviously doens't mean much to you, but it does to me and many other Jews, and even non-Jews who really look into this phenomenon.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.01.2009
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