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  There are a billion Muslims and over a billion Christians. Most people in those faiths believe that the Bible is the word of God
wrong most of them are nonpracticing dont believe in god They think the bible is crap.
.why do you think muslems are religios while we jews many of us are aethiests or agnostics? most cristians are same.they are afraid to declare themselves as nonbelievers so they give the kneejerk answer IM CRISTIAN.
As for a prediction coming true 3000 yrs after ,as the year approached the participants participated,thats all.

if you predict a wall will fall in 1000yrs and it still stands in 999, im sure some jerk will destroy it in one more yr, if you predict it will be standing in 1000yrs but it falls in 888.its a prediction that never came true and aaron doesnt talk about it but it does count.

internet it kosher to me..its a voice,thought opinion fact..its jus as good as you ,a respected voice worth listening to..i sincerely mean that
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 05.01.2009
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