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Let us reason together ...
  Canarsie: aarom youve taken the stance that the vast vast majority of people with intelligence have all missed the boat on this book .that somehow they have a block.refuse to see wat is so tatally clear to you.

There are a billion Muslims and over a billion Christians. Most people in those faiths believe that the Bible is the word of God. So actually many people with intelligence have not missed the boat. There is a growing movement of Christian Zionists, Christians who believe that God gave Israel back to the Jews. On what do they base this? The Torah prophecies!

Canarsie: i think the book was right but internet says that its predictions might be circumstance vague and wen they are on thr mark they might have come true cause those affected knew of them

Who is "internet"? That could be anyone. I don't care what "anyone" says, I care about what I can see with my own eyes. The prophecy is not vague. It says who the people are, what the land is, and what will happen. These are just excuses to not deal with the reality that the prophecies are impressive. To me they suggest that whoever wrote them knew the future, or was a genius at projecting events into the future.

At least you finally acknowledge that as you say, "the book was right". Yes, it made a very clear prediction that was extremely unlikely, and it came true. Any unbiased person should simply admit that that is impressive. We do not find anything of this clarity and accuracy anywhere else.

Canarsie: they might have come true cause those affected knew of them

Let's really think this one through. Even if the Jews of 3,500 years ago knew about these prophecies, how could they ensure that 3,500 years later they would be fulfilled? How could they know that the Jews would even exist so much later? Can you tell me now with any assurance whether the United States will still exist 3,500 years from now? No! So how could someone know that this band of ex-slaves from Egypt would live through the Babylonian exile, the Roman exile, the Pogroms of Europe, the Jihad of Islam, the Holocaust of the Nazis! Seriously, there is absolutely no way they could have known this 3,500 years ago.

That is why people continue to believe in the Bible despite the scoffing of non-believers. Those who scoff do not make convincing arguments against the amazing nature of these prophecies. And that is why you still see the Chanukah candles burning brightly every December and you still see Kosher food in the supermarket. That is also why you have so many Christians supporting Israel. We can only hope the Muslims will come around eventurally.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 05.01.2009
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