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  aarom youve taken the stance that the vast vast majority of people with intelligence have all missed the boat on this book .that somehow they have a block.refuse to see wat is so tatally clear to you.
of course i recall a guy in college who was studying psychology and he concluded that its easier to eliminate or beed out emotions than to cure emotional problems, He went into a period of maybe 2 yrs where he thought mr spock was a great idea even a message from THE TRUTH about how emotions were bad and humans needed to rev up thr evolutionary curve and work to eliminate people with strong emotions jus as wee are losing our pinkies .After 2 yrs he decided to change and help people with emotional problems cause thats the baggage we are stuck with until they evolve away ve it ever so slowly.

i think the book was right but internet says that its predictions might be circumstance vague and wen they are on thr mark they might have come true cause those affected knew of them..i say internet cause the greatest amount od research is in internet.i asked about this book and it says its true its false and heres why..the believers are mostly jews while not all jews and nonbelievers are jews and nonjews both.
i think if something is written clearly about an event that will take place in 100 yrs and everybody knows about it and it happens it lacks validity.if nobody knows about it it lacks clarity its vague.if one guy knows about it and nobody involved knows,and it happens then you got a ppoint but you dance around this point as have so many .I know to make this proof youd need to be that person nad thats impossible so me like many jews nonjews dont believe in predictions
as well, anyone from our future wanting to redirect us might be more brazen in hinting.clearer.

you gotta stop to think that wen you or nayone comes to a point of thinking that the vast majority is wrong missing it,that maybe you need to rethink it all out,
many jews the chosen ones also dont believe it.
it also smacks of jewperiority.jews thinkin they are chosen better gifted leaders..our book is it!!in israel i remmber so many israelis who used this book to keep open the door.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 05.01.2009
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