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Talking to a wall
  They once asked a Jew who was praying in front of the Western Wall if it did any good. He said, "It's like talking to a wall."

The same is true here. You are not responding to my points but just repeating your points. You keep talking about the Bible Code but not responding to the revealed prophecies that are clearly stated in the text.

I asked you how the Jews could have MADE it happen that they got Israel back. You didn't answer.

I asked you how the Western Wall could have stood for 2,000 years while in the hands of Israel's enemies. The Talmud said that wall would stand and all the others are gone! How could the Jews have MADE that happen? Don't you think the Muslims would have wanted to prove the Talmud wrong?

There are many more revealed prophecies that I could mention. I can see now that no matter what I say you will either come up with an answer, however insufficient, to explain it away, or, more likely, you will change the subject and keep talking about the Bible Code, which I agreed was a lot harder to defend.

It seems you are not looking to expand your knowledge, but only to confirm your current beliefs. That is typical of most people.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 04.01.2009
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