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People don't read!
  Did I ever once in our discussions say I believe that the prophecies were put there by God? It is so weird to me how people don't listen, or in this case don't read. They have something in their head and they hear what they want to hear even if it is never said. All I have said is that these prophecies and their fulfillment are "unusual", "remarkable", "unique". And all I have been trying to do is to get you to get beyond your fear that there may actually be a God up there, and just look objectively at the facts.

To say that the Jews MADE the return to Israel happen is fantasy. That is a perfect example of believing things on faith. What evidence can you offer to me that the Jews MADE this happen?

(You see, I'm trying to help you think through these things. And I'm glad you are willing to really think about it. Most people are unwilling to even think about this stuff. It's like there is this pang of fear they get, maybe it's the fear that they will go to hell if they question what they were taught as kids, and they just refuse to talk or think about it. Or in the case of atheists maybe it is the fear that there may be evidence that God exists and then they will have to rethink their atheism.)
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 03.01.2009
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