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What would it take
  Canarsie wrote: what proof would you require? if he said IM JESUS...would that doit?
if millions believed it would you?

No it would take more than some guy saying, "I'm Jesus". And no matter how many people believed him, I would still want enough proof to make it a logical and rational decision.

For instance, Jesus said he was the Son of God, so to prove he was Jesus he would have to do some things, or know some things, that only God could know. For instance, right now there is a war going on between Israel and Hamas, if someone claimed to be Jesus he should know the outcome beforehand. Actually, if someone claimed to be Jesus then we should see the war end, and all wars end. We should see peace around the world. Then we should see the dead rise from their graves and all the other things that the Bible says will happen when the messiah comes. The fact is, these things didn't happen when Jesus was here the first time, and for that reason Jews did not accept him as the messiah. They couldn't accept him because the Torah warns not to accept anyone as the messiah unless he fulfills the prophecies.

And if Jesus somehow found a way to come back after 2,000 years and he still did not fulfill the Torah prophecies, Jews would still be under the command of God to not believe in him. But the prophecies that God spoke in the Torah have come true!

Look, you may not believe in God, but what I find so weird is that you can't even acknowledge the simple and obvious fact that the Torah made unusual prophecies about the Jews and the land of Israel and they came true. Why can't you admit this? Is it that if you do you will feel that your atheism will be in doubt?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 02.01.2009
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