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  The main point of prophecy is to demonstrate that the speaker has access to a higher source of information. If the prophecy was hidden, how would anyone be able to prove he is a prophet?

A perfect example is the return of Jesus. Jesus said he would return. He has not returned. So for now the logical belief is that he was not who he said he was. (Of course if he does return then we would have to adjust our view.)

In the Torah, God said the Jews would be evicted and return twice. Up until 1948 there was not a second return, so it would be logical at that point to believe that it was never going to happen. But then when it did happen in 1948, the logical thing to do was to adjust our view and realize that whoever made that prophecy was indeed a prophet (or an amazingly lucky guesser).

Now you can say that because the prophecy was known the Jews made it happen. But let's be honest - do you think it would have happened had their not been a Holocaust? So, then what are you saying? That the Jews made the Holocaust happen so they would get Israel back? Or are you saying that Hitler secretly wanted the Bible prophecies to be fulfilled so he did what he did hoping that it would lead to the return of the Jews to Israel?

You see, even with this knowledge being public, it was still virtually impossible for any human being to MAKE this happen. It really is an amazing thing, and as Jew you should be proud of the Torah.

Italians are proud of their opera, the English are proud of Shakespeare, the Germans are proud of Beethoven, yet there are a lot of Jews who try to deny the greatness of their culture's greatest work. Why?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 02.01.2009
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