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Let's see if we can straighten this out
  Canarsie wrote: i think its misleading wen a person says This book predicts these events in exactitude and THEN u tell us its really in code unnoticable until afterwards.

I don't know if you are doing this on purpose, but you keep ignoring the fact that the prophecies about the exiles and returns are IN THE TEXT! I don't know how I can make it any clearer. This is not a hidden code that can only be discovered after the fact. These are actual sentences in the Torah that have been there in plain sight for thousands of years. Do you understand the difference?

As for the hidden codes, I agree that that is much easier to criticize. I feel that more research has to be done to determine if the Torah's codes are more "statistically relevant" than those of other books. I suppose you could say I threw you a curve ball when I brought up the 9/11 code. It's just that you said if I could show you a prophecy about 9/11 you would believe, so I found a hidden code. But I agree, there is no conclusive proof that that code was not a coincidence.

But the prophecies that are clearly written in Hebrew in the text of the Torah are NOT HIDDEN. They were not found after the fact, but were know BEFORE. So don't confuse the two types of things. One is a hidden code, the other is a prophecy in the actual text. Get it?

Canarsie wrote: and worse is that if its so predictive why hasnt every body adopted it? you cant say the xians are dummies or the aethiests or non precticing israeli jews.

You tell me why everybody has not adopted it! I think you are a perfect example. People who do not want to believe will find a million excuses. Look, you have a good point about the hidden codes. It is hard to prove if they are random or not. But the prophecies written in the text are clear as a bell for any eye to see, yet you are struggling every which way to find some way to not admit that they are remarkable. If you, someone born a Jew, is having such a hard time allowing yourself to see the obvious, imagine how hard it is for people who have been raised since they were little impressionable children to believe that Jesus is the Son of God, or that there is no God!

The main point of my book, Beyond Faith, is to get people to get beyond the "brainwashing" of their childhoods and open their eyes to other ways of thinking. As for me, I did not know about Torah prophecies growing up. I was taught the Bible was just a story. So I actually have moved beyond what I was taught as a child. But most people get stuck in their childhood beliefs and never give them up.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 02.01.2009
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