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You got two eyes...
  If you are looking at proof beyond a shadow of a doubt you will not find it. We accept most things in life without proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. When the doctor prescribes medicine most people take it. They don't first spend weeks looking at studies and making comparisons. They don't go to a lab to independently verify that the pill actually contains the drugs listed on the bottle. They just take the pill.

I would argue that religion should not be held to a higher standard than one we use involving things that can heal or possibly kill us.

There is nothing after the fact about the prophecies about the exiles and returns. There is much more detail here, and if you are interested you can find it in my book, Beyond Faith. For instance, the Torah says the first exile would be caused by a neighbor. And it was! It was caused by Babylon. It says the second exile would be caused by a nation whose language neither you nor your fathers would understand. And it was! Rome caused the second exile and it didn't exist at the time this prophecy was made so surely the Jews of that time never heard Latin. And since Rome was across the Mediterranean, and Romans did not come to Israel until they attacked it, Latin was unknown to those Jews too.

How in God's world could the author of the Torah know BEFOREHAND that the first exile would be from a neighbor and the second from a distant power? It would be impossible for any ordinary human to know this. So either the author made a good guess, or he had a pipeline to an extraordinary source of information, or He was God (as He says He is).

As I say, there is much more detail but I can't go into that kind of depth here. I would suggest you get my book, or if you are too cheap (ha, ha), just do searches on the exiles and returns of the Jews. I'm sure there are sites that detail the amazing amount of specific things that were also predicted to happen during these exiles and how they actually did happen.

This is prophecy BEFORE the events. And there is historical verification that these extremely unlikely things did occur. In fact, the ALL occurred. You can always find a way to deny this, but if you make a harder test for religion than you do for your doctor that is not really fair or logical.

But I do appreciate that you are at least interested in this. And the fact that you are so skeptical and full of questions makes you a perfect example of a person with a Jewish mind!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 29.12.2008
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