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i predict a mountain will rise to the sky.
  i think my problem is a psychological block

st is not seen until afterwards..a book predicts st and it later happens ,,but maybe the jews will again,a third time be thrown out and return yet again,,would that keep with your idea?
it smells rotten and prediction that is unclear before but not after and
any prediction that comes true much later be it 70 or 2000years might just be a probable circumstance..a black will be leader of the great white nation was predicted in the 60s and it happened..a man would walk the moon was predicted in the 30s by jules vern.

you need to show me something beforehand as clear and that is improbable .but if its unclear before or clear and probble i cant really get into it. i was expecting to be amazed by you and this awakening of my mind but i still feel im in waiting..
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 29.12.2008
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