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  Let's give credit where credit is due. There are a lot of good features about the church and Hollywood, but the Jewish Bible should also get the credit it deserves for these prophecies that clearly came true against all odds
so why did the us gov stand around doing nothing knowing the profecy about 911?

was it a clear profecy or as you say only clear after the fact? if 9 11 had been a mountain in europe ANd a mountain in africa both destroyed would that have been the same profecy?
i think so..

im just not clear on how st can be so clear after but not beforehand...smells like fortune cookies..

of course you studied this all and in never did and msny jews believe wat u believe and many nonjews believe we jews are it continues..

is there a profecy that a great sage tone man playing a designed corded apparatus will bring home a man who has moved far from the home to a plce where the horned male animal the bull is fought with?
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 29.12.2008
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