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Guide to the Perplexed
  Here's the deal ... we are talking about two different types of predictions. In the case of the exiles and returns, including the prediction that the first exile would last 70 years, these were written clearly into the text of the Bible. You can argue that they are vague, and let's face it, they do not give exact dates, but they are much more clear and specific than almost any other prophecy out there from any book or group of people.

Jesus said he is going to come back. Fine. But until he does come back, assuming he ever will, there is absolutely no way to know if he was telling the truth. But in the Torah God said the Jews would be evicted from Israel and then returned. This is clear. We know who we are talking about: Israel! We know what is predicted: an exile and a return. This kind of thing is very unlikely to happen. Yet God in the Torah predicted it would happen twice. And historically we can see that it did happen twice! To be fair you have to acknowledge that this is remarkable. You don't have to suddenly believe in God and get on your knees and pray! But to not acknowledge that this is unusual and impressive is to be in denial of a simple verifiable fact. Unusual things were predicted and they came true. But again, in the case of Jesus, he didn't come back so until he does, if he does, there is NO PROOF. I don't understand why you have a problem admitting this.

The other type of prediction is more iffy. The other is what is called a Bible Code or a Torah Code. In this case we find that by skipping equidistant letters other words can be found in the text. Now one argument against this is that you can find patterns in the phone book. This is true, but scholars argue that this phenomenon happens much more often and in much more impressive ways in the Torah. Mathematicians have even done calculations to show that at least some of the Torah codes are extremely unlikely to be there by chance. Also, there is a tradition going back centuries that "everything is hidden in the Torah".

In the case of 9/11, after it happened and they knew what to look for, they found Twin Towers, Airplane, and "It will fall" twice, all very close to each other in the text. The reason they didn't find this before is simple: who knew that planes would be used to hit the twin towers and that they would fall? Therefore, there was no way to look for it.

In the future maybe Spain will be taken over by Muslims in a land invasion and all the churches will be knocked down and replaced by mosques. Who knows? Should we look for a code that says, "Spain, Muslims invade, Churches fall, mosques replace"? Why would we look for this? Why not look for "Antartica, tornedo, monkey talks"? It's crazy! You can't look for codes beforehand because you don't know what to look for! So the codes can only be used to amaze us after the fact. If, in fact, someone did know the future and put all kinds of hints about it in the Torah, that would really be amazing. And it is possible. Even if it is an extraterrestrial or a time traveller, it is still amazing.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 28.12.2008
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