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Now we're getting somewhere
  Steve wrote: after 2000 yrs if it happens i dont see it as fact its just that everything happens in 2000 years

All right, that is a good point. You are saying that given 2,000 years just about anything you predict will come true. But let's look a little closer.

Jesus told his followers that he would return "soon". It has also been about 2,000 years but he has not returned. Given your theory by now he should have returned since "everything happens in 2,000 years". But, in fact, this thing hasn't happened.

Let's also look at other countries. Is there any other country that was evicted en masse? This is a very rare occurrence. And of the countries that this did happen too, how many remained a nation for even a few generations after the eviction? Probably none. So how likely was it that the Jews, 1. would be evicted, 2. would remain a nation in exile, and 3. would return? During the past 2,000 years has this happened to any other nation? Obviously not. If the Torah predicted this about the Greeks or the Romans or the Babylonians or the Hittites or the Jebusites it would have been proven wrong. But the ONLY nation it predicted this strange thing to happen to was Israel, and ONLY to Israel did this happen.

I suppose intelligent people can disagree over this, but to me, it is clear that this is not a situation where given 2,000 years anything can happen. The fact that this did happen remains one of the most remarkable anomalies of history.

But it goes further... don't forget that their were two evictions prophesied, and two returns. The prophecies said that the Jews would first be evicted by a neighbor and then return. This happened when the Babylonians evicted the Jews around the time of Esther. And that time the Jews were returned after only 70 years. Then there was to be a second eviction by a distant power during which they would be scattered to the four corners of the earth.

So in the first eviction and return we are talking about 70 years! That blows your "anything can happen in 2,000 years" theory to bits! How do you explain this one, oh great wise man of the atheist tribe?
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.12.2008
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