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Just the facts maam, just the facts.
  Steve wrote: you are not objective as you are a jew

The thing I like about you is you are willing to talk. I wish we had more people involved in these discussions. But I must object to your analysis.

One of the best books I ever saw that explains the amazing fulfillment of Torah prophecies was written by a Christian Minister. His book was called, "Evidence That Demands a Verdict". He was certainly not a Jew yet he was able to be objective and admit that the Torah made several extremely unlikely prophecies and they came true. In the part of his book dealing with the New Testament he didn't have anything to match the "Old Testament", but because he believes the "old" one leads to the "new" one, he felt that the Torah prophecies were also something that Christians should be proud of too.

Steve wrote: the protestant also sees his religion as full of truth fact .a baby born with no father,a dead man the protestant this is fact.

Facts are not subjective. You can't say to me the earth goes around the sun, but to him the sun goes around the earth. Either the earth goes around the sun or it doesn't. This is a fact.

In the case of Jesus being born of a virgin or rising from the dead these are not facts. There is no proof whatsoever for these things. A Christian will readily admit this. They will tell you that they have faith. It's all about faith, not facts.

But Judaism is different. Judaism is unique in the way it has many verifiable facts included in its knowledge base. The Jews were evicted en masse from Israel. This is a fact. The Jews did regain control of Israel in 1948. This is a fact. Do you deny this fact? Do you "believe" the Jews are still without a homeland? If so, then you would be delusional. But can you say the same of the virgin birth? Where is the proof?

I went to Israel. I saw with my own eyes that it is a Jewish country. I read in the papers day after day about how it is a Jewish state and how its leaders did this or that. Did you ever see a virgin give birth? Did you ever see someone rise from the dead? These are not facts. These are beliefs.

People have the right to believe things. People have the right to have faith. But do not confuse beliefs and faith with an observation of facts. Otherwise, not only could you never become a police man, but you would never be allowed to sit on a jury.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 26.12.2008
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