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!without headline!
  . VC talking about objective facts that anyone who is willing

you are not objective as you are a jew and by coincidence your religion that you really dont practice and your land of israel where you dont live ,you see as true with your objective eyes.
the protestant also sees his religion as full of truth fact .a baby born with no father,a dead man the protestant this is fact.

yes you know many nonjews who studied judaism and torah and converted to judaism and there are jews 4 jesus as well.

theres torah prophecy ,theres a deadman who disappeared..all facts?

anyway i got a some facts as well. its a fact i got a great bluetooth headset from santey. My wife got a bodyshop basket and macbook. we gave my old mom in law an ipod prefilled with spanish music she loves..
5th candel and my kids really love this secular ceremony of menorah lighting. we did it via webconference with my cousins in jersey..
love to all.

i remember these jewishtype talks when i was living in haifa on the navybase in 82.moshe sais we gotta pray and shoshana said shed take an uzi anyday.
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 26.12.2008
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