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Winning is not the point
  Canarsie wrote: "i dont think the jews won back israel . we are back and thats great but won ? we went to battle and got it back ? we were slaughtered and the world wanted us out so they sent us back to our original homeland thinking the arabs would kill us."

Who said anything about winning it back? The point is the Torah said the Jews would be exiled. In fact, it said the Jews would be exiled to the four corners of the earth. This came true. There are Jews almost everywhere. It also said that they would be persecuted wherever they went, and this also came true. It also said that even with this persecution they would never cease to be a people and eventually they would be gathered from the four corners of the earth and returned to their land. This prophecy is so unlikely that it was more like impossible. Yet it came true. Nowhere does the prophecy say the Jews would "win" back Israel. It just says that somehow they would return.

In fact, according to the Talmud, when the Jews were exiled by the Romans they made a deal with God that they would never try to get Israel back by force. That is why there never was any attempt by the Jews to form an army, like the crusaders, and go back to Israel with arms to conquer it. No, the Jews waited for God to make it happen. And guess what, because of the Holocaust the world was brought to sympathy for the Jews and without lifting a sword, or firing a gun, the Jews were given Israel back by the United Nations. That is what makes this all the more miraculous!

Canarsie wrote: "the jew sees his as right and the protestant sees his as right."

I am not talking about this one sees his as right and that one sees his as right. I am talking about objective facts that anyone who is willing to look with clear eyes can see. Did the Torah say the Jews would be exiled? Yes. Did they get exiled? Yes. Did the Torah say they would be returned? Yes. Did they get returned? Yes.

Why is it so hard for so many people to just admit the obvious truth?

As to the Protestants, if they want to believe in Jesus that is fine. But my point is that they do not have anything like the Torah where prophecies are made and fulfilled in a clear and obvious way that anyone can see. In fact, they have no prophecies at all except for things that are supposed to happen at the end of time. So until we get to "the end" we can never know if the prophecies are true. But in the Jewish Bible there are prophecies that have come true. I know most people do not want to admit it, but this is a fact. If I never even heard of the Jews I would still have to admit that this weird book made very specific, easy to understand predictions, and they did in fact come true. The very fact that so many people have a problem with this demonstrates to me that people have a hard time dealing with the truth. They prefer to believe that Santa is flying around with reindeer delivering presents, but ignore or deny the very real miracles that witness to the extraordinary nature of the Bible and the Jewish faith.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 25.12.2008
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