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Prove it!
  Remember when we were kids in Canarsie? If someone made some kind of claim, there was always another kid who would say, "Prove it!"

In my book, Beyond Faith, I contend that there is evidence that Judaism is true. Just to take one example, the Torah says that the Jews would conquer Israel, and then they did! We are so used to this story that that does not seem amazing, but it really is. Here was a group of slaves that had somehow gotten free from the massive power known as Egypt. They spend decades wandering around in the desert. Then their leader gave them a book that said that they would conquer Israel. What was the likelihood that they would succeed? Yet they did!

The Torah went further, saying that they would be exiled off the land. How likely was that? Did the Greeks get exiled off of their land? Did the Assyrians, the Egyptians? Who gets exiled off of their land? Yet this weird book said the Jews would, and they did!

But the Torah went further, saying that they would get the land back. And they did! How likely is that?

But the Torah goes further, saying they would be exiled again. And they were! And it said that they would come back again. And they did in 1948, after 2,000 years!

Anyway you look at it, this is a very unusual scenario ... a book that made absolutely incredible predictions with virtually no likelihood of success, yet ended up with 100% success. There is nothing to compare with this. And this is but one example of hundreds that show the Torah to be an extraordinary book.

What is predicted in the New Testament or the Koran? Is there anything that even remotely resembles the prophecies of the Jewish Bible?

So, it is not from any ego or chauvinism that I say that Judaism is different than other religions. It is the only religion that has enough evidence to make it a rational act to believe in it. The other religions must be accepted purely by faith without any proof whatsoever. They are like Santa Claus. But believing in Judaism is like believing in Science. Even in science we can't prove most things beyond a shadow of a doubt, but we can amass evidence and make a rational decision.

Does this mean that I believe in the "miracle" of Chanukah that one day's oil burned for eight days? No! There is no proof of that particular claim. But do I think one can believe in God, or Hashem as you called Him, by reason, I would say yes! I know some people do not like the idea that one religion actually is more logical and rational to believe in than another, but it seems clear to me that that is just the way the evidence falls.

  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 25.12.2008
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