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hannukah really important
  i kno its a j holiday but history says it really wasnt so big a deal until jews were out of house in exile in goy countries and xmas was everywhere.
to counter and distract we upped its importance to counter xmas as our kids wanted a holiday at that time too. we created a fantasy as americans have done with thanksgiving..we took a one liner and wrote a movie around it so we could feel equal at xmas time. if xmas were in july then hanuka today would be like any other of the many j holidays,did we increase its import because we were sik of seeing all the fun they had while we had nothing in december?
are we playing their game by celebrating ours on top of theits??
.is this true ??

why is this hanuka so much more celebrated than rosh ha shona passover yom hatsmaut and yom kippur.
only the jews would celebrate such a buy oil for a few days and it lasts 8 days.. we celebrate this bargain..i guess as jews we kvell at such savings
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 21.12.2008
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