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Holy Lizards Batman!
  LN, this is from Hannah's site:

- The Coming of the Messiah. In orthodox Judaism, the arrival of G-d's designated king and Torah teacher par excellence; a direct descendent of King David who will rule Israel and the nations in righteousness from Jerusalem. In basic Christianity, a second arrival of Jesus; follows the same description as Judaism except for teaching Torah. Must be redefined as the appearance of Maitreya the Christ (sic in the West, in the East his title is the Bodhisattva), who will overshadow a human host (most emphatically not a Jew this time); as the "World Teacher" and "the Head of all religions of the world" (by which time Judaism will no longer be recognized as a religion); he will restore the ancient Mysteries beginning with a Luciferic Initiation; mankind will be prepared for his coming by Master Jesus and others who will direct their disciples (including "the Church") to follow him. "A great deal of reactionary stupidity will have to be eliminated before He can come... as the new generation assert their hold over human thinking." (_Externalisation_, p.576)
- The Serpent in the Garden. In the Jewish Bible, the creature who sabotaged man's Paradise by tempting Eve to transgress G-d's command; he was justly punished for his act, as were Adam and Eve for their disobedience. In Christianity, the same, and/or Satan's first appearance in human history as tempter and deceiver, directly causing mankind to be infected with a congenital sin problem. Must be redefined as the heroic Lucifer who offered godhood to mankind in the Lemurian age; their acceptance was not a "fall" but an "ascension". The Jews hopelessly muddled the story and transmitted it as the first sin, while the Christians used the Jewish story to portray man as sinful and unworthy; both versions short-circuit the path to godhood and slander the "God of Humanity".

She is describing the theology of the New Age movement. As we can see it includes the rehabilitation of Lucifer. In fact, it seeks to switch Lucifer and the God of the Jews, making God the evil god who kicked man out of the Garden of Eden, while Lucifer (or Satan) becomes the good god who wanted to give man the knowledge of the gods.

My question is, do the new agers really believe that Lucifer is God or a god? Or do they worship him as a way to show their "emancipation" from Judeo-Christian doctrine? And when all these world leaders flash the "sign of the devil" which reason explains this?

By the way, I bet most of my Jewish friends who come here have no idea about what we are talking about. Probably the same for my Catholic friends. Most people are unaware of the growing occult movement and the future confrontation we are probably going to experience (if we are not already seeing it). The reason is because occult means hidden. You have to search to find out about this. They are not going to come to you.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.12.2008
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