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Rainbow Swasticas oh my!
  What a great post! I did check out Hannah and here is her site:

LN wrote:
But then, in Fitna, Wilders used photo- and film material that itself was beyond criticism: the demonstrations, protest marches, beheadings, terrorist killings did happen in the name of Islam.

What I hear from American liberal friends of mine is, "Sure there are some extremists, but the majority of Muslims want peace just like we do." I suppose one could have said the same thing about the Nazis or the Japanese in WW II. Most of the people in those countries also wanted peace, but a lot of good that did when the leaders took them to war. Same could even be said of the U.S. now. 80% of the country now disapproves of Bush. So what! He did whatever he wanted too and still does.

LN wrote:
How about Islam was maybe even invented by those forces!

Interesting. By that thesis I guess Mohammed must have been part of some type of Illuminati organization. Is there any evidence of this? It is hard to believe that one man could have started that whole movement. But maybe there are some men who just have extraordinary powers of persuasion. There are some in modern times we could name.

LN wrote:
I think those forces are satanic, i.e., from Satan who challenges G-d. Anyway, I fail to explain otherwise the sheer bloodthirst in all those islamic attacks the world over and the ... the greed to specifically kill Jews, wherever and whenever. Same way, despite much, much reading and thinking and questioning, I've never been able to understand nazism except for it being a satanic plan. A satanic plan to kill all the Jews = wipe out G-d's people = make His Word, the Torah and the Tenach ridiculous. G-d didnot allow that plan to be completed, but this seems a new attempt.

I have a lot of difficulty with the Christian concept of "Satan". As you probably know in Judaism Satan is considered to be a helper of God. He is God's prosecuting attorney, so to speak. He tests people but the test is for their own good, to see if they can find their way back to God. So Jews don't see Satan as challenging God. Rather he follows God's orders. Because God is one, and omniscient and omnipotent, there is no way there can be another force in the universe with any power. God has all the power. It is we who lack the understanding to see that all that God does is good.

But I have noticed through internet videos that there are Satan worshipers out there. Some say many of our leaders are such. There are many pictures of even presidents and other leaders making the "sign of the devil" with their fingers. How odd! It could be that they just make that sign the same way school kids do ... just to be cool. Or maybe they really believe that Satan had independent powers and the worship him because they are evil people. Or it could be that they believe that Satan does not really exist, and neither does God. They "worship" Satan as a way of demonstrating their independence from the domination of the Church or any other monotheistic organization. This could also explain Hitlers and the like. They don't believe there is a God or any accounting after death and therefore believe that they can do whatever they want on this planet. It is just the evil in man, nothing more or less.

I don't know. But it is interesting to ponder.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 20.12.2008
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