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  Voncello wrote:

That indicates to me that the "powers that be" that are controlling the Dutch media do not want the message to be discussed or understood.
Right about most media! Add to that, apparently politicians are afraid such (open) discussion would trigger action from islamist side and would invite other muslims to say we are discriminating them. But then, in Fitna, Wilders used photo- and film material that itself was beyond criticism: the demonstrations, protest marches, beheadings, terrorist killings did happen in the name of Islam.

The trouble is, as I see it at this point, that Islam is being used by forces that exist beyond the normal order of things.

Couldnot agree more. How about Islam was maybe even invented by those forces! See how the Qur'an is a warped imitation of the Torah and the Tenach. How it pales if compared with the covenants and promises, and with precise prophecies in the Tenach, which have (or will) come true for all to see.

It is in their interests to foment struggle and diversion in the masses. What better way to do that than to, on the one hand aid fundamentalist Muslims, and on the other hand whip up a frenzy against them?

For sure those forces have an interest in slowly but surely wrecking the "normal order of things". I think those forces are satanic, i.e., from Satan who challenges G-d. Anyway, I fail to explain otherwise the sheer bloodthirst in all those islamic attacks the world over and the ... the greed to specifically kill Jews, wherever and whenever. Same way, despite much, much reading and thinking and questioning, I've never been able to understand nazism except for it being a satanic plan. A satanic plan to kill all the Jews = wipe out G-d's people = make His Word, the Torah and the Tenach ridiculous. G-d didnot allow that plan to be completed, but this seems a new attempt.

Aaron, did you ever find the time to read Hannah Newman's writings? Did anyone else (gotta look up the link later)?
  Author: LN_Cello
Eintrag from 19.12.2008
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