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Good things come in threes...
  They say good things come in threes ... or is that bad things ... anyway, what a great feeling to see three amazing posts. I'll answer them all in time. First, thanks Steve for that link. It is a link to the house where I grew up in Canarsie. Unfortunately there is a UPS truck in front of my house so I can't see it!

Edward, that is among the strangest requests I have ever gotten. What kind of Chanukah music do I not like or find offensive? LOL! There is so little of it out there I say the more the merrier. Chanukah Rocks is an old favorite of mine. I first heard it when I was in college myself. I have it on a cassette tape from off the radio. I like the Adam Sandler Chanukah songs. A young student first turned me on to those about ten years ago. It seems that we are finally getting more songs out there probably due to the on line music revolution. The people have risen up to do what the corporations never allowed. The corporations were making so much money from the Christmas stuff that they didn't see any profit in producing Chanukah music.

The funny thing is, many of the best loved Christmas songs were written by Jews. Everything from Hark I Hear the Angels Sing (Felix Mendelssohn, who actually was raised Christian), to I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas (Irving Berlin) and the Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire by Mel Torme), The list goes on and on. I hate to say it, but these Jews saw an opportunity to make money and went for it! But then again, I saw a show on the History Channel about how Christmas in reality is much more than the birthday of Christ. Not to belittle that part of it, because surely that is the main part of it for many people, but the show pointed out that there are many parts of the larger "Christmas" that have nothing to do with Jesus. Here are some things they pointed out, Santa, Evergreen Trees, Egg Nog, Drinking, Getting together with the family, Hallmark Cards, Shopping, the songs (many secular in nature), Caroling, etc. Of course you could say that many of those things are Christian but if you think about it ... Jesus was born in the desert like environment of Israel. There were no evergreen trees, no Santa on a sled, no Egg Nog, no Hallmark cards, no caroling. This is all Euro-American inventions. Well, actually the tree goes back to pagan Euorpe. And now we add in Chaunkah music, Kwanzaa, and even atheists putting up anti-God signs next to kresches (sp?) in Arizona (or wherever that happened this year), and you see it is morphing into a general "Holiday" time for everyone. But I digress...

Edward, it would be great for me, and maybe for you, and hopefully for others who come here, if you would post some links to some of the interesting songs you uncover. I'll be happy to chime in with my opinion. In the meantime have a Merry ChrismaChanukwanzatheisttreehugeggnog and a Happy New Year!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 19.12.2008
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