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Been a long time, but I could use your help
  Hello Aaron and all on the V.C. guestbook here - Edward from WWPV. It has been a long time since I posted anything here but I come back to the guestbook with a favor to ask of you, and it has a particular holiday flair to it. I am currently looking to expand WWPV's selection of music for Hanukkah so I can accommodate my listeners around who may not be Christian during the holidays. I come to you with a question which should help guide my search: what material would you as a Jew find offensive in terms of music for Hanukkah or other Jewish holidays? Are there any specific genres in which you would not want to hear traditional and original music for Hanukkah? I guess I'm looking for you to tell me what you would NOT want to hear so I can weed that out and pick up the good stuff. (I am looking mainly at CDBaby's stock, searching under the word "Jewish").
Maybe you should know the Station already has a few albums by Jewish reggae singer Matisyahu, plus Jewish rock group The Leevees with "Hanukkah Rocks", and another Jewish reggae outfit by the name of Adonai and I. In my own collection I have two Hanukkah compilations: "This is Chanukkah" and "A Chanukkah Celebration".

Can you help a gentile out here?

I hope everyone's well, and that your holidays are merry how ever you celebrate. In turn, I wish you a successful, prosperous, happy and healthy New Year. We've got a new president, so maybe with that will bring a new economy, and a new respect for America around the world. Time will tell.

Happy Holidays all,

Edward Burke AKA DJ Seamus
"Shillelagh Safari"
Fridays 5-8pm E.S.T
WWPV 88.7-Fm "The Mike"
broadcasting on-line @

P.S. I've got a profile on - Stop on by and say hi sometime.
  Author: eaburke81 Email eaburke81 go to the Homepage of eaburke81
Eintrag from 18.12.2008
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