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  Hey LN, great to hear from you again. Actually I just saw a short movie created by a man from Holland called Fitna. Have you seen it? If not you can watch it on Google video. It's about Islam and focuses on Holland in particular. Very interesting.

The post about the Jewish blood in so many Spanish and Portueguese people is amazing. I wonder what impact this will have. One can only imagine the suffering those familes went through who were virtually forced to convert. If these people find out that they are legally Jewish by Jewish law will they embrace this or are they so aculturated into Catholicism or perhaps atheism that Judaism would still feel foreign? Anyway, this is the guestbook at its best - when people post links or articles about things that the rest of us probably didn't know.

As to Mahler's 9th, in many ways that is my favorite, although I love the #'s 1, 2, 5, 7, and Das Lied too. Mahler believed if he finished a 9th symphony he would die, just as Beethoven died after his 9th, so he called his actual 9th symphony Das Lied Von de Erde. Then he composed what he called his 9th symphony, which is all about coming to terms with death. It is a totally amazing peace once you realize what it is about.

Well, Mahler lived through his 9th and decided to start a 10th. He didn't get through one movement before he died! So the moral of the story is...
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 18.12.2008
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