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The next generation...
  I sent this link to a bunch of friends and colleagues. He's gotten almost 200 hits, probably because of me! But its great. I get such a kick out of seeing kids play my pieces.

One violinist I played with this week said she enjoyed the link but didn't realize he was playing my music. I guess she didn't listen to him speaking at the beginning. I explained that that was why I sent her the link. Then she says, "Are you famous?"

At this point in my career I have several repeating gigs. Last night was one. I have played for the Cannon Holiday Party for probably twenty years! It was not as upbeat as usual, probably due to the economy. But I always enjoy going out to Long Island and watching the people party. They seem to really get into it out there.

I do sometimes wonder though how I can have people playing my music all over the world, yet I am still playing parties in Long Island catering halls!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 10.12.2008
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