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  our people even me in 1983 worked hard so that today israel is the only country that gets ALL its annual usa help at once,not in drips as ALL other countris get it.
Israel gets less than the arabs cause the arab countries are more in need. Im happy israel is less in need and thus gets less. A more needy israel is bad for israel
To say israel gets no Special favors is to negate all the hard work done by jews around the usa. We work hard to get israel every favor every extra?? possible and we are very good at it.
DONT be ashamed that israel gets specials that others dont get and i dont know why you juxtapose israel to the arab countris..why not to canada or africa?

Be proud that israel is the only one getting its money upfront.
Be proud israel is the only one getting usa military equippment upfront
Be proud that your country ISRAEL gets lots of special favors cause our lobby is strong,correct, and knows the game..

the day israel stops getting attacked is the day the usa will stop the extra special treatment it gets and its the day israel will get attacked

ergo..the day israel stops getting attacked is the day it will be attacked
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 07.12.2008
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