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Dear Misinformed
  The whole notion that Israel gets "special favors" is wrong. Do you know that Egypt gets the same amount of aid as Israel? And the Arab world in total gets more aid than Israel. Look what America sacrificed in WW II to save England and France. Yet I don't see Spanish newspapers saying that the capitol of England is Liverpool, or the capitol of France is Nice.

Anyway, today I was back in your old borough, Brooklyn. I played once again for the students of NYU Polytech: the school whose professors brought you the microwave, the lazar, plastics, the zoom lens .... and the doo-hickie!

I was on stage with a violinist from the Leningrad Philharmonic and a violinist who used to tour the world. We played classical hits like Pachelbel Cannon and the Boccerini Minuet. To the audience I was Mr. Classical Cellist. But a few days ago I was Mr. Cellorock Guy when I jammed with a guitarist for a store opening in Murray Hill. Tomorrow I'll be Mr. Clubdate as a play for a wedding at a seaside restaurant in Long Island. Very few people have a musical career as diverse as mine.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.12.2008
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