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Here come the judge!
  I like this kind of conversation where you really zero in on a problem. I think it is wrong to push things under the rug and ignore problems because they surface anyway.

Yes, Christianity is a lot larger than Judaism but I am not talking about how large a group is. I am talking about how valid is a claim. A thousand people can say they saw a certain event but if you were to interview them you might find that all of them were lying or at least unsure about a lot of details thereby making their stories suspect. In this case we are talking about the validity of a claim on a certain piece of property. Anyone, or any group of people, can make a claim on a certain piece of property. They can even say God gave it to them. But the question then is, is there evidence to back this up, and is the evidence widely accepted by society.

Look, you can question anything. You can question whether or not George Washington was the first president of the United States. I mean, who knows? Where you there? But there is a lot of evidence, and almost everyone in the world accepts this as a fact, so essentially it is a fact, even though there is a chance that it is not really true.

Almost no one outside of a few thousand Indians believes that God gave any lands to them. Almost everyone in the world believes that they came to the Americas from Asia over a land bridge during the ice age. They were here before others but that does not mean that the others had no right to come. It is a murky problem and that is why most Americans do not feel that they are doing something wrong by living on lands that were once lived on by others.

In the case of Israel, there are over a billion people, maybe more, who believe that the Bible is the word of God. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the Torah in particular is a book unlike any other ever written. It seems to predict the future with astounding accuracy, it contains amazing number patterns, and incredible levels of meaning even in the language itself. Even its scientific claims have been proven more often than denied by science. Its view of morality and spirituality has been accepted or at least imitated by much of the world's population. Therefore, when it says that God gave the land of Israel to the Jews, millions and millions of people accept this as a fact.

Now, you can say that it is no more of a fact than what an Indian tribe passes down by mouth to its members, but the reality is that the Jews are back in Israel and the Indians are not back controlling their former lands. Nor are they likely to ever. So the biblical statements do carry more weight in the world as we know it.

As for non-Jews, there are many who say Israel has no right to be in Israel, but there are many who say they do have the right. And the Jews, and Israel, remain an major preoccupation of politicians and news agencies around the world. While the plight of Indian tribes in Arizona are not. There must be reason for this. For some it is proof of the divine intervention that surrounds Israel through the generations. For others it is just a quirk of fate. But to say "all religions are equal", or "all claims of all religions are just as valid", or "all religions are the same", is refuted by the evidence.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 29.11.2008
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