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Status Back Baby
  "Status Back Baby" was a great song by Frank Zappa. Anyway, I see your point but I didn't mean status in terms of better, I meant it in terms of its affect on the world. For instance, there are people who still believe that idols made out of stone have real powers and should be worshipped. Now, you can say that this belief is as valid as the Jewish belief in one amazingly powerful yet incorporeal God, but you can't deny that the Jewish concept has influenced much of the world, whereas those few small tribes that still worship stones have no influence outside their small group. In this sense, Judaism has more status. That is how I am using the word.

Yes, there are groups of Indians who had lore that was passed down saying that their land was given to them by the "Great Spirit", but no one outside of their little tribe believes this. However, the Jewish Bible is still revered not only by Jews, but by Christians and Muslims, thereby making it revered by the majority of the people on earth. Literally billions of people revere it, so in this sense it has status. Therefore, if the Bible says that Israel was given to the Jews by God, then that carries more weight in the world than an oral story passed down by a few thousand Indians.

Again, I'm not saying it is any more true, but in the context of the world as we know it, it does carry more weight. And the proof is that the world body did give Israel back to the Jews, despite the objections of some. But it is highly unlikely that the U.N. or any other body will give back the lands of the American Indian to them. And in part the reason for that is that no one but they believe that God gave America to them. But many people believe that God gave Israel to the Jews.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 28.11.2008
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