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  I don't think the U.S. courts have ever ruled that the Indians should get back their land. For one thing, U.S. law is about the U.S. and Indian tribes are not under U.S. law as they are their own nations. But as to your point that Indians and Jews have a similar history, I would agree. In fact, you could argue that both groups were kicked off their land by the same people, the Europeans, or more accurately the Romans and those descended from them. The Indians never had a "holocaust" but they did suffer what amounted to a genocide. In some ways they suffered worse. But the Indians did not have to wander from country to country like the Jews. They did not suffer the same level of dislocation. Another difference is that the Indians do not have the Bible saying that their land was God given and is theirs eternally. Of course their own religions may give some justifications but those religions do not have the status of Judaism, a religion which spawned two of the biggest religions in the world. But, in any case, if the Indians did have a recent Holocaust and were then given a tiny piece of their land back, I would be happy for them. I would feel bad for any Americans who got kicked off of their land, but I would know that they had a very large country to assimilate into quickly. The same is true of the "Palestinians". They have a vast amount of Arab land to assimilate into to.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.11.2008
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