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  in fact many indians do want back their ancestral land which they have proved was stolen taken tricked away in us courts. however the us gov keeps them from gettin back their land even tho the us law itself says they should get it back because the very act of giving it back, of fullfilling the law would thro millions of innocent americans out of their cities,,, thus we kno they are right but we cant we just cant abide by the law cause it hurts it hurts millions..

so the usa gov and people treat the indians as the jews are treated. but you i and neal live happily on their land and think nothing of it.
we eeny their right even after our own laws say they have been wronged and the righting is the return of their lands..
jews and indians both were kicked out and both legally prove their rightful ownership of their land but the difference is that the indians never had a indicaust after which the world would vote with some pressure from rich indian groups to return their land to them..

it never really bothered me that ilived on stolen land as declared by my own law and courts.. ijust said its mine now so get lost..

so infact indians have been treated as jews have been treated but jews got back theirs...and you i continue to live on that of the indians eating our turkey
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 27.11.2008
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