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Pray for the peace of ... Mumbai
  I got this today from the local Chabad rabbi:

At this moment my colleague Rabbi Gabi Holtzberg and his wife, the Chabad emissaries in Mumbai, India, are hostages in their Chabad House in the horrific terrorist attacks on the city. Their infant son has been released with the nanny, however reports indicate that the Rabbi and his wife are "unconscious, but alive". Hundreds of commandos surround the house and it seems that a full-scale assault is imminent.

I'm asking of you: while everything must be done - and is being done - by the security forces to rescue the hostages, we know that it is within the hands of each of us to storm the Heavens and pray to G-d that this situation and all other terrible current circumstances in Mumbai are resolved peacefully immediately.

PLEASE say a prayer for Gavriel Noach Ben Freida Bluma, Rivkah Bas Yehudis (Rabbi & Rebbitzin Holtzberg) and all other affected by this horror.

Please remember that a small act of "light" in one part of the world can dispel darkness wherever it may be.

Here are some suggested mitzvahs:
a) Give charity in their merit
b) Men: Put on Tefillin today; if you already did, see to it that someone who hasn't yet, should.
c) Women: Resolve to light candles tomorrow evening; if you already do, see to it that someone who hasn't yet, should.

Thank you for your attention. May G-d bring peace to our pained and darkened world!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.11.2008
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