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8SPE1 is good ... and so is Zionism!
  Back in 8th grade, as Neal surely remembers, we had as our class motto, "8SPE1 is good!" That was my inspiration for the title of my latest youtube video, "Zionism is Good!" I just did a search on that phrase and look what comes up first:

How cool, out of all the usages of that phrase on the entire internet, my video comes up first!

Today is the American holiday called Thanksgiving, on which we recall a myth about an early dinner shared by the American Indians (Native Americans) and the European settlers. Of course the Europeans ended up confiscating most of the land of the Indians sending them off to reservations. Now imagine if the Indians instead were shipped out of the country and forces to flee to other parts of the world. Imagine if they spent centuries, even millennia, being persecuted because they were Indians. Imagine if they were expelled, beaten, murdered, and even had attempts at genocide against them. Now imagine if after 2000 years of this they manage to get back some of their original land through a vote by a world body called the United Nations. How mean spirited would it be to oppose this and try to paint "Indianism" as evil! This is similar to the story of the Jews, and that is why I support Zionism and say it is good!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! And let us give thanks that we live in a world where sometimes miracles do happen and a persecuted minority, expelled from their land and forced to wander for centuries, can finally get to come home. Now if only that messiah will show up...
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 27.11.2008
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