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  in 1996 my mom remarried in brooklyn.. she invited all her family and all the canarsie neighbors she could find thru the grapevine plus my x friends. that foto is similar to your memory here. ALL the dads moms in the foto are gone in just 12 years except my mom and my friend scotts dad. about 20 canarsie moms dad have gone since and even 2 friends from cancer heart attk
mom was 76 at the wedding..lil did we kno it was the graduation picture and graduating from earth to a bigger place up there somewhere...

I see you are a sentimental guy which is good. You have a soft heart and a big place for the PAST..not just canarsie but your ol days with your bubby granpa etc..

goin back there is good but keep in mind that TODAY will be the past .
My kids will oneday take out the foto i made yesterday and show it to their grand kids and recall me..
what message could I record for them to read or hear or see in that future?
what words would you like to hear right now in some ,only now found, recording of that day at that wedding of yours?

imagine a recording had been made that day and your granpa and others left their philosophy recorded...
I sometimes make youtube vids with my ideas incase in 100 yrs someone like my grandson is listening..

infact your youtube vids are just are some futur kids granmas brother...maybe youre sisters kids kid will marry and youll go to that wedding and leave a memory..

youve seen your make it special
  Author: canarsie
Eintrag from 26.11.2008
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