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All for one
  Sure, it would be great if like a human version of Noah's Ark he could have two of every group of people. But I think some Jews have been worried that he would be an anti-Israel president, and the fact that he has appointed a practicing Jew as chief of staff should provide some reassurance. And, because Israel is such a small country, and the only Jewish country in the world, Jews are reasonably concerned that any U.S. president should be supportive.

Speaking about Jews... yesterday I played for a very Chasidic wedding in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It was one of these groups that puts up solid separation barrier between the men's party and the women's party, so much so that while I was playing I never saw a woman. But the men were very interested in classical music and gathered around us when we played. Then when the band played they made circles and danced around in a joyous manner. We were fed well and treated as special guests, which made for a very nice spirit amongst the musicians.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 06.11.2008
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