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What is America?
  Well, I guess last night proved that the country has shifted in certain ways, especially if your memory of it is from when we were kids. It is certainly less "white" than it was, and "minorities" have gotten a lot more power. There is greatness in the concept of America as a country where anyone can make it. Unfortunately the fact that one man who has a darker skin tone becomes president does not mean that the country has now undone all of the problems of recent years. Nor does it mean that Obama even wants to undo a lot of it.

Yes, there will be changes, but will they be only window dressing? There are still a lot of scary things going on in the background. We can only hope things will get better, and they are better on the surface, but is the surface change a smokescreen hiding the same underlying agenda?

Be scared. Be very scared!
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 05.11.2008
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