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Unsung Heroes
  Maryann MaPartlan is one of those unsung heroes. She is a great musician but is not known by the general public. There are other great musicians who are even less known. Take Ray Cohen. I played a Waltz Night with him last night with a small group. During band breaks he would play "cocktail" music, which basically means improvised arrangements of American Standards. There were times when he was playing when I closed my eyes and I felt like I was listening to a great classical composition. He finds meaning in tunes that most people just throw off. He does intricate lines and chords, and he paints scenes that sound more like Brahms or Mendelssohn than Richard Rogers or Irving Berlin. The man is a genius, yet he never cut a CD, he's never been on TV or the radio. He just plays the New York party circuit, as he has for about fifty years!

Sure, he makes top dollar for the club date business. Sure, he never had to teach or do anything for a living but play the piano. Sure, many of the richest people in New York demand that he be hired when they throw a party or a large event, but outside of that circle he is virtually unknown. An unsung hero.

He alwyas asks me about Von Cello, which I take as a compliment. I wish I cuuld tell him that we are touring the world, or that our CD is shooting up the charts. I suppose I am better known then he, but I'm far from being "famous". I suppose I'm a bit of an unsung hero myself. Imagine if Eric Clapton never got that big break. He could have been a fine session guitar player, doing recordings for singners, and playing club dates and doing some teaching on the side. Maybe a better example is Van Morrison. He easilly could have been a lounge singer if he didn't get those few hits when he was young. A lot of the music business is based on luck or connections. There are so many musicians out there who are as good or better than most of what the public sees. They are the unsung heroes, just as there are unsung heroes in every field. Some get the honor and the glory, but sometimes the truly great go unnoticed or barely noticed.
  Author: Von Cello
Eintrag from 22.10.2008
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